Gokautomaten BVBA working with Visit Puerto Rico

This is a company that offers free slot machines online. They do this through various websites on which they not only provide these free games, but also educate aspiring casino players on everything related to casinos. So if you are looking to start playing casino games online, they are your go to guys. Their name comes from gokautomaten, which means slot machines in Dutch, as they are a Dutch company. But don’t worry, they don’t just stick to one market, they cater to international markets as well.


It’s not easy for a foreign company to expand their business into South America. The continent is already somewhat hesitant to accept foreign companies and this is even worse in the case of Gokautomaten BVBA. After all, gambling and especially gambling online, is still frowned upon in these sides of the world. Locals are afraid that these companies only want to take money from the people that are already less fortunate than the rich European. So in order to make it happen, you need to have a local by your side, ready to help. And that is why Gokautomaten BVBA started a partnership with us.

Goal of the partnership

For us it’s important to get more people to visit our isla bonita. After all, more tourists mean more income and if someone likes it here, which everyone does, they are bound to tell their families and friends back home about their experiences. This leads to more potential tourists and this is always positive for us. Besides, having Gokautomaten BVBA open an office here also means that there’ll be extra jobs. Even if it starts with just a few, it’s better than nothing. The other part of the partnership doesn’t need more explanation as it is clear that they need a partner to get a foot in the door in Latin America. Visit nederlandsegokkasten.com which is their flagship website to find out more about what Gokautomaten BVBA is working on at the moment.

Travel packages

The partnership started with Gokautomaten BVBA offering prizes to their websites visitors that includes travel packages to our beautiful island. This package includes a full pension two-week long holiday for four at the Ritz-Carlton at Dorado Beach. In this resort you will find 3 golf courses for the father of the family, a spa for the mother and a water park for the kids. There is much more to do in this 5 star, super deluxe hotel. Besides having plenty of pools, it is located right next to a beach so everyone can enjoy themselves. Whether they are beach people or pool people. All the lucky winners had to do was get a certain combination on a free slot machine, or gokautomaat, take a screen shot of it and be the 20th person in a row to send it. Just like with casino games, this required some patience and some luck. In the end 5 people won the package and loved the family holiday that they received.

Treat for the employees

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Gokautomaten BVBA decided to organize a contest for their employees during which one of them could win the same package. This time the employees had to get the same combination of five lemons in a row on three different slot machines, take a screen shot of all of these and send it to HR. The first that was able to achieve this, won the trip. Of course everyone got super competitive, some of them even playing gokautomaten until late at night. But only one could win. An HR employee later admitted that she was tempted to steal the results, but in the end decided that honesty was the best way to go. And we agree.

The lucky winner

The employee that won the great prize was the 21-year-old customer support employee Lucy. She couldn’t believe her ears when she got the news and called her parents right away. Together with her brother they celebrated the victory that very evening. And they celebrated much more on Dorado Beach, where they enjoyed typical Puerto Rican cocktails and dishes, courtesy of Visit Puerto Rico. They especially enjoyed the popular sauce mojo isleno, that they from the moment they tried it, asked it on every one of their meals. Even when it was not so appropriate.